About Us

Our school is named after the very Rev. John Joseph O’Brien. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, in 1917 and was ordained a priest by Bishop Carroll on April 10, 1943. After ordination, Monsignor O’Brien served as an assistant pastor in Drumheller before being appointed pastor of Picture Butte and its missions, where he began a new building. In 1948 he was also the Diocesan Director of Immigration from 1951 onward. Bishop Carroll then recalled him to Calgary in 1955 to work with Monsignor J.S. Smith to direct the building of the present St. Mary’s Cathedral. In 1958, he was made Director of Catholic Immigration Services of Montreal, and in 1959 was appointed Representative of the Alberta Bishop at the Catholic Hospital Conference

Monsignor O’Brien was appointed Privy Papal Chamberlain to Pope John XXIII in 1960, Paul VI in 1963, and to the Diocesan Council of Administration in 1963. In 1960 he was also appointed pastor of the new parish of St. Gerard in Calgary, where he saw the building of a new church and rectory. He then went on to serve as pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Calgary before completing his ministries at St. Anthony’s Church. During this time, he was also appointed Dean of South Calgary in 1967 and Vicar General in 1968, all the while initiating a team ministry in the Diocese.

Physical fitness was a passion of Monsignor J.J. O’Brien, and he could often be seen on the jogging paths around the city. St. Anthony’s Parish even gifted him with a bicycle on his 40th anniversary of ordination. Aside from being ‘fit’ and active, Monsignor O’Brien’s goals were to 'become more priestly’. It is without a doubt that he made enormous contributions to the Calgary and southern Alberta Diocese. He passed away in Calgary on July 20, 1990, at the age of 73.

Monsignor J. J. O’Brien School opened in September 2001 and celebrated our school dedication on June 6, 2002. We are proud to be named after our namesake and offer a Catholic education to families in Bridlewood and Somerset communities. Our programs include Kindergarten to grade 9 education. In addition to our academics, we offer many extra-curricular and co-curricular programs and activities to our students. Our mascot and school name for our sports teams is ‘Lions’, and our motto is ‘Pride’. We are proud of our name, proud of our programs, and proud of our community of learners. Monsignor J.J. O’Brien School is an amazing place to learn.