About Us

Msgr JJ O'Brien School opened up in 2002 for students in kindergarten to Grade 9 from the Bridlewood neighbourhood. Our school grew as the neighbourhood grew and we are now home to 770 students in 2020. The school prides itself on its strong Fine Arts, athletics and academic programs.

We host an annual Art Walk featuring art from every grade level including kindergarten. The Art Walk is followed by a combination of Musical Theatre/Band/Choral/Jazz Band performances. As you walk through our hallways before or after class, you are likely to hear students singing, playing a ukulele or guitar as they share and appreciate everyone’s gifts and talents.

Our mascot is a lion, as we are known for our “Pride”, who often wanders the friendly and supportive crowds who come out to cheer on our teams. Our tarmac and playing fields host an array to sports and activities during recess and lunch.

Our school community is one that cares, is welcoming and offers a warm smile and greeting to those who enter our doors.